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19 June 2018
Electrolysis Hair Removal - FAQ

Electrolysis Hair Removal – Frequently Asked Questions Even though electrolysis hair removal has been around since 1875. There are still many questions surrounding electrolysis and it is still unknown to many people. During the consultations, I conduct there are a few questions that keep popping up. I thought I would write them out, so others […]

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18 May 2018
How to Take Care of Your Skin

When taking care of your skin there are two factors you must consider when thinking about the problems you have with your skin and at some point in our life we will have some kind of problem. It may be dryness, spots or  ageing skin. The two factors we need to consider is how are we […]

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8 April 2018
Semi-Permanent Eyeliner; 5 reasons why you should have it

The latest trends at the moment are microblading eyebrows. Though I do love a good eyebrow shape, the go-to treatment for me is semi-permanent eyeliner. I have never felt made up unless I have a bit of eyeliner on. I’ve worn it every day since I was a teenager, unless hangover day. But I would’ve […]

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10 February 2018
Bikini Waxing- The Difference

So you finally pluck up the courage to ring a local salon and book a bikini wax. But when you do the lady on the other end asks you ‘which one?’ You panic and say normal one but really have no clue what different types there are! I have had many clients ask how many […]

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