Cracked Heel Formula 125ml


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Effective for the care and treatment of extremely dry skin with deep cracks and thick calluses


Features and Benefits

• Formulated with Dermal Infusion Technology®, this unique mousse is proven to moisturize and effectively eliminate deep cracked skin, thick calluses, rhagades and fissures

• Contains Urea to hydrate and lock in moisture into the skin

• Contains Evening Primrose Oil with anti-inflammatory properties, that can help to improve skin structure and assist in the skin rebuilding itself after trauma

Recommended for:

• Very dry skin, thick calluses and deep cracks in heels

• Use as part of a regular skin care treatment until calluses and cracked heels are gone.

Usage Instructions

• Apply to clean, dry feet twice a day for two weeks then once daily until cracks are healed

• Leaves no greasy residue – Just apply and go


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