Why do we need them?

We offer a range of consultations at Positive Skin, read on to find out what they are and why they are needed.

Why do you need to carry out a consultation?

The various Consultation offered at Positive Skin are essential to be carried out and we cannot provide any treatments until we have gone through a consultation.

Why? This is to ensure your suitability of the treatments as there can be a number of reasons where the treatment may not be suitable, such as medical restrictions on specific treatments. Time restrictions; making sure that you have the treatment at a time which is suitable for you and that you have the time to follow the correct aftercare and ensure that you get the best results from your treatments.

It is also necessary to carry out a consultation before treatment to meet our insurance policies and standard practices, even if you have had treatment before at a different clinic.

Read on to find out more about the various consultations we carry out at Positive Skin and which one you need to book depends on the treatment you wish to have.

Zoom Consultation


This is for the clients that cannot get into Positive Skin and may live far away and we carry out a consultation via Zoom online. Please state in the notes when booking, what this is for, as we may need to email extra forms out beforehand.

This is a 30 minute consultation and we aim to get all the information needed to proceed but this may not be enough and we may require an in person consultation before any treatments are carried out.

Skin Blemish Consultation


Do you have a skin blemish? Skin blemish that we can treat….

Skin tags                                                                         Thread veins (on the upper body & face only),
Raised moles (flat moles are not treatable)                     Xanthelasma,
Verruca                                                                             Blood spots,
Seborrhoeic Keratosis                                                      Milia,
Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra                                              Sebaceous Hyperplasia.

This consultation is to discuss whether you are medically fit to have this treatment, to explain aftercare and find out a time that is suitable to have these treatments done.

Please note, that only one skin blemish can be treated at one time. Although we are qualified and insured to treat these blemishes, we are not medically qualified to diagnose skin blemishes, so if you are unsure of what blemish you have, you will need to go to your GP before booking any consultations.

Hair Removal Consultation


Do you have unwanted hair, but are unsure which method is right for you?

This is the consultation you should book. We will look at your hair growth (please leave the hair for a minimum of 4 days) and then go through the options of which hair removal method. Analysing the hair, skin colour, lifestyle and finances, we will discover which is best for you. Please look at the blog - hair removal if you would like to read about the different options we have available.

Electrolysis Consultation


Electrolysis hair removal consultation is where you know this method is best for you and we can talk through the process, aftercare of the treatment and decide on a treatment plan to suit your needs. If you would like a 5 minute patch test, please leave the hair growth for a minimum of 4 days.

IPL & Patch Test Consultation


IPL consultation is for hair removal, thread vein treatment or for pigmentation/age/sun spot reduction. 

This is where we go through the consultation form and decide the suitability of the treatment and the treatment plan you would need to get success. A patch test may be carried out, as long as you have not been in the sun for 4 weeks or haven’t used any fake tans.

Advanced Skin Analysis Consultation


This is a detailed consultation is to discover what skin type and conditions you have and what can be done to help improve your skin's overall health and appearance.
If you have skin conditions like; 

Acne, Acne Scarring, Oily skin, Dry skin, Rosacea, Pigmentation damage/age spots, Ageing concerns 

Using a skin analysis machine called the Observ, we are able to look deeper into your skin, which helps to identify the root cause of specific skin concerns and conditions. Using LED and multiple filter technology we can see the skin with far more clarity and accuracy, which results in an unparalleled view of the skin above and below the surface.
Through the Observ we look at the surface of the skin, texture and fine lines. The cross-polarized level to see the vascular/redness. How deep the pigmentation is, whether it is sun/age damage or hormonal pigmentation (these types have to be treated in very different ways). Then through a True UV and woods lamp, we can look at the thickness of your skin and the secretions, how much oil you have and what types of oil. Do you have oily skin or the C acne bacteria?

When we discover what specific skin type and conditions you have, we can then process to look at what skin care products are suitable for you and what treatments and treatment plan can help to improve your skin's health and management for the future.

When you attend this consultation, please ensure you have no makeup or SPF on your skin, as this can distort the Observ’s readings.

The optimum time is 4 hours after you have cleansed your skin, with no or little moisturiser on.
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