Plasma Pen Lifts, Shrinks & Tightens Excess Skin

Lift, tighten and shrink excess skin with Plasma Pen Fibroblast treatment by Louise Walsh International now available 
at Positive Skin

Fibroblast Skin Tightening Treatments

Using the latest, up-to-date technology of Louise Walsh Plasma Pen UK, we can now tighten and lift the skin. Fibroblast Skin Tightening is a soft surgery method and a revolutionary technique for perfect facial rejuvenation. It is important to stress that this is a non-surgical approach where no scalpels or any other surgical instruments are used.

The PlasmaPen utilises innovative plasma technology to achieve consistent results. Plasma is formed through the ionisation of atmospheric gasses, stimulating instantaneous contraction and tightening of skin fibers and collagen production during treatment.

This causes an immediate skin contraction when a plasma pen goes near it, helping to create the immediate lift and dramatic skin tightening.

What can we treat?

Excess eye bags & eye lids.
Crow's feet.
Lip & forehead lines.
Crepey neck & decollete.
Skin tags.
Milla / Syringamas.
Warts -flattened & raised.

How does it work?

Treatment with the PlasmaPen is performed through minute spots made at a certain distance to stimulate the instant contraction and tightening of skin fibers. Each of the spots made sublimates the superficial coenocytes without affecting the basal lamina and causing bleeding. Most importantly, no damage is caused to the surrounding tissue or the tissue laying beneath the skin.

While the PlasmaPen cannot completely halt the aging process, results are long lasting. New lines and wrinkles that appear on patients after an initial treatment process should only require a quick revision.
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