Are you looking to make a real difference to your skin?
Do you have a skin concern that's bothering you?

Not sure where or how to start? Let Positive Skin guide you with our Positive Skin Revision!
Say goodbye to problematic skin
No more wasting time on which skincare or routines to use
Freedom to face the world, with or without makeup!
Feel more confident
Personalised treatments and skincare just for you
Expert advice when you have concerns with your skin
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The Positive Skin Revision

Do you have a skin concern that is bothering you? Do you suffer from redness or rosacea? ageing concerns or pigmentation damage? Acne or any and all combinations of the above? Don’t know where or how to start?

When we hire a builder to build an extension we’re not expected to know how to run the electrics or plumbing or draw the plans ourselves, we just want the result!

So why should you be expected to know how to treat your skin on your own? Which treatment to have or products to use at home? You just want the healthy glowing skin and the confidence to face the world with or without makeup!

Let Positive Skin and our expertise guide you through the skin journey, helping you understand and aid your skin to be the best it can be. Helping you to understand your skin, what skin routine works best for you and how to adapt as your skin changes.

The skin is the body's largest organ and a brilliant but complex organic system that once looked after, provides the most amazing benefits to our lives but it needs to be looked after throughout your lifetime, so put your trust in the experts at Positive Skin and invest in one of the programs below and look forward to the skin you’ve always dreamed of.

Look at the results that you can achieve!

6 weeks progress
Facial pigmentation being treated at positive skin radstock near bath
2 weeks progress
After 1 treatment

How Much Does It Cost?

We offer a range of bespoke, personalised programs to get you the skin transformation that you desire.  Due to no two skins being the same, prices can vary, depending on the level of treatments and skincare that may be required and this will be fully covered during the initial skin consultation.

3 Month Skin Journey

Do you have pigmentation issues or ageing concerns?

Starting with an hour consultation, with a full skin analysis, including skincare history, lifetsyle and diet. This is where we will get to the bottom of your concerns and decide on course of action for the next 3 months including treatments and a home skincare routine.

From £995

6 Month Positive Skin Revision

This program is for severe skin conditions and is the most intense program provided by Positive Skin. Due to the varying conditions, we can have, this is a fully bespoke program and is accessed on a per-person basis. Please contact us and we can discuss further the options available for this program.
From £2,500

Complete the form to arrange your Skin Transformation Consultation

Simply complete the form below and we'll be in touch to either arrange a consultation or discuss further how we can help you with your skin concerns.

Why Choose To Come To Positive Skin?

Positive Skin is hair removal and aesthetic skin clinic located in a discrete location on Westfield Trading Estate, Radstock, 10 miles from the wonderful city of Bath with free parking available directly outside the clinic.

Ran by owner Kay Cooper, a therapist with over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry who has made it her mission to help people like you, increase and grow your confidence through hair removal and advanced skin treatments.

The skin is a wonderful but complex organ of the body, with many different nuances and factors that can affect its condition and appearance, why not rely on an expert to help and guide you? complete the form today to book a skin consultation so we can get you started on your skin transformational journey!
Start your journey now!
kay cooper owner at positive skin radstock near bath
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