Smooth, beautiful skin
Waxing is the quickest and easiest solution to your hair removal needs, lasting 4 to 6 weeks no other hair removal method is recommended to be used at the same time.  Hair will thin out over time and possibly weaken.
Strip/Warm Wax
This is where warm wax is spread thinly over an area and then removed with a strip of paper or cloth. This method can remove hair and the top layer of skin. Strip wax is good for areas such as legs, underarms and basic bikini line.
warm wax on spatula
close up view of waxing pots ready for waxing treatment
Hot Wax
Before treating and area with hot wax, the area is prepped with an oil to ensure a complete removal. Hot wax is kept at a hotter temperature and when cooled turns into a solid form, where the therapist removes it without the aid of a strip. 

Hot wax only sticks to hair and not the skin, therefore making it easier and more comfortable for intimate areas to be waxed (female intimate waxing only).
If you are starting the waxing method, please ensure your hair has not be touched for a minimum of 2 weeks before booking your treatment.

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