Why I know you would love Acti-Labs

13 October 2018
Kay Cooper

Not a lot of people know that I have been searching for a skincare range for a little while now.
I have been trying to find a range that was good for everyone. But I always try the products out on myself first before I am confident to recommend them to others. However this can be a downfall for me. A few years ago when the mineral make-up became fashionable I tried some. This one particular make-up range had been bulked out with talc. This made skin reacted badly with it and caused a hypersensitivity around my mouth and nose. So 7 years on and I have a redness that is permanent and I am self conscious about it. Over the years I have tried many skincare ranges. And having a few friends in the industry, who have offered their recommendations. Unfortunately with the hypersensitivity. Most skincare ranges would make my skin flare up and make the area sore. I had found skincare that didn’t irritate, but then I had to use a foundation powder, which dried out my skin.

I have had recently a lot of clients come to me for treatments and have skin problems. This can be dry skin or oily skin, these can cause problems for the treatments I provide. Oily skin can conduct the electrical current in electrolysis, so we need a lower setting. Oily skin tends not to hold pigment well. So microblading can be difficult, some cases its not recommended at all. Dry skin can also be a problem, with waxing, cracked open skin. Electrolysis can be difficult with dead skin blocking hair follicles. Some cases the dead skin can even cause ingrowing hairs.

Now with all these skin issues that have risen. While I’m doing treatments or consultations many people ask me what I recommend. And up until recently I have struggled with this question as I had not even found one for myself. So how could I recommend anything to anyone that I was not happy with?

Recently a facebook friend had started with a business with a cosmeceutical range. She was posting how great this range was. Now I was not expecting miracles. Lets face it my skin has been like this for 7 years, so I know the damage is permanent. But my ears perked up to a cosmeceutical range. This is a grade below prescription based skin care. The ingredients in cosmeceutical is active and penetrates the skin deeper. This can help with problem skin.

Looking through the range I found a tinted moisturiser that had full coverage! This was going to be good. No more powder foundation, and crinkled skin around my mouth and eyes half way through the day. And it was even better than I imagined, it covered the redness perfectly. The coverage lasted from 7am to 8pm with no extra application. Two months on from the start of using it and I have had no soreness or irritation. Don’t get me wrong the redness is still there. Like I mentioned 7 years on, that isn’t going anywhere. But now I found something that can help my insecurities and give me a confidence again.

Now you ask ‘what has your skin issues got to do with me?’ Let me tell you, this range will help you with any skin issue you may have. If you have dry, oily or maturing skin this range can help. It is a very simple, no added extra skin care range. Cleanse, serum (if needed) moisturise. And even a face mask once a week for an intense treatment.

The next thing you will most likely be thinking is ‘how much will this cost?’ . The price can be an issue, with some ranges can charge around £100 for a little pot of moisturiser. And that makes me cringe, especially when they only last a month! The price of the tinted moisturiser I use is less than £20! £18.50 to be exact and I have not reached the halfway mark yet and its been around two months of using it. The most expensive part of the range are the moisturisers. These help with anti-aging, dryness and pigmentation marks. They all cost around £24 each and the serums that help with eyes and lips, skin tightening and oily skin are £19.50 each. None of these costs will break the bank.

Ok, so this is all quite interesting, but what about the company? This company is French and we all know the french skincare are the best, and this one is no exception. This company is the laboratory that actually makes the skincare! I buy this skincare directly from the labs in France. This is why it is sold a lot cheaper than you’re other brands of cosmeceutical ranges.

Acti-Labs is also a very conscious about the environment. They have won an award from the government for ‘low carbon footprint’. Everything is recycled and recycle able items are used where possible. They will not test on animals and uses ingredients not tested on animals. Although they are not a vegan company, natural ingredients are chosen over synthetic.
There you have it, my raving report on why acti-labs are a great company and have an amazing skin care range. I’ve not mentioned the dietary products and make-up and hair products also make. As this would be a huge blog! I am personally trying out the dietary products, but will not review that for a couple more months. But if you would like to ask me any questions or book for an Acti-Labs facial contact me.

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