IPL Price Plans

Helping you spread the cost of your IPL hair treatments

Do you wish to have smooth silky skin, without the hassle?

Having IPL hair removal is a fantastic way of getting rid of unwanted hair and in order for you to have successful results, it is crucial you have the full course of recommended treatments.

Here at Positive Skin, we understand that taking a course of IPL hair removal can be a big investment and we have a number of price plans that you can join to help spread the cost of IPL hair removal treatments.

Book an online consultation and we can discuss which price plan will help you achieve the hair free results you desire.  After your consultation you will be given a password so that you can access the payment forms below to sign up to your payment plan.

So go ahead, book a consultation and treat yourself to one of our price plans and look forward to having fabulous long lasting, hair free skin!
Please enter password to access payment forms
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