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Before a new treatment can be carried out or if you have concerns and questions, we offer a range of consultations that can be booked before you can book a treatment. (You must have a consultation before you can have a treatment)

Hair removal consultation

A consultation to discuss which hair removal method is best for you. If you know which one you would like please state on the booking which method you would prefer. 

Skin blemish removal consultation

Do you have a wart, verruca, skin tag, milia, mole or thread veins? Please book this consultation before booking an advanced electrolysis treatment and we can discuss suitability. 

Skin analysis consultation

Unsure about your skin? or do you have a skin concern that you would like addressed and would advice and a treatment plan. 
Please start here with you skin journey.
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Electrolysis hair removal

Using the Apilus electrolysis machine.
Up to 15 minutes
Up to 30 minutes
Up to 45 minutes
Up to 60 minutes
Up to 2 hours
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Laser/IPL hair removal

Permanent hair reduction with Lynton Lasers.  Treatments are up to skin type 5.

Payments to suit you

We offer a tiered system to suit the body areas you wish to have hair removal carried out. The tiers run from 1 through 7 and covers all areas of the body. A full course of 8 treatments is needed to see the full benefit.

Many of our clients choose to spread the cost over 12 months by joining our IPL payment program, which allows easy payment of the treatments through a regular monthly payment. 

Tier 1

Per treatment (Forehead, Cheeks, Side of Face, Upper Lip, Chin, Nipples, Stomach Line) 

Tier 2

Per treatment (Upper Lip & Chin, Front of Neck, Shoulders, Back of Neck, Underarms, Hands & Fingers, Feet & Toes)

Tier 3

Per treatment (Full Face, Full Neck, Lower Back, Upper Back, Chest, Half Arms, Standard Bikini, Abdomen)

Tier 4

Per treatment (Full Arms, Shoulders & Upper Back, Brazilian, Buttocks)

Tier 5

Per treatment (Chest & Abdomen, Full Back, Hollywood, Upper Legs exc Knee, Lower Leg Inc Knee)

Tier 6

Per treatment (Full Legs, Upper Leg & Brazilian Bikini)

Tier 7

Per treatment (Full Torso, Full Leg & Bikini)

IPL payment plans

Spread the cost of your treatments through a regular monthly payment over a year (this does not include facial areas), starting from just 
£55 per month
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Skin blemish treatments - Advanced electrolysis

A full skin blemish consultation is required before booking any on these treatments. More than one treatment may be required for some skin blemishes and only one type of blemish is treated within a treatment session.
1 - 3 Wart Treatment
1 - 3 Verruca Treatment
1 - 3 Filoform Wart Treatment
1 - 3 Milia
Facial Thread Veins (small area)
Sebaceous Hyperplasia
1 - 3 Small Skin Tags
1 - 2 Age Spots
1 - 3 Small Seborrhoeic Keratosis ( small = 1cm )
1 - 3 Blood Spots
Dermatitis Papulosa Nigra
3 - 10 Skin Tags
3 - 5 Age Spots
1 - 3 Large Seborrheic Keratosis ( large is over 1cm )
Mole Reduction - Up to 3 moles
10 - 30 Skin Tags
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Skin treatments & Facials

For skin concerns such as pigmentation, ageing, rosacea, acne and more, please book a skin analysis consultation to help start your skin transformation journey.  We use a number of various skin treatments at Positive Skin and often use combinations to help treat and heal, so for the best results you can trust in our expertise to guide you on your personalised treatment plan. 
Personalised treatments start from
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