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 How do I get rid of fluffy hair?

This is a question I get asked a lot “how do I get rid of the fine ‘fluffy’ hair on my face?!” This hair has been called so many different names; ‘Fluffy hair’, ‘downy hair on the sides’, ‘peach fuzz’, ‘bum fluff!’

The real name for this hair is vellus hair. Soft, downy, baby hair. This hair is there to protect us from the environmental factors of life. But nowadays with selfies and HD pictures. It seems like everyone has been noticing the hairs around the sides of the face a little more. And with darker hair ladies the lip hair can look a little shady.

Methods of hair removal

I have been asked to remove the fine hair with laser/IPL, which as a majority of this fine hair is blonde. That is not possible (white, blonde and grey cannot be treated with laser/IPL). This method is really good for the coarse hairs of the face, legs and underarms, not so much for fine hair.

Electrolysis has also been a method people have tried. As we are treating the hairs individually, by going into each hair follicle and destroying it. This method will work well to treat the hair. Yet, with between 120 and 150 hairs per square centimetre. Electrolysis will take quite a while to treat, a few years,  and from that, it can become quite costly.


Derma-planing has been more popular over the past few years. It was very popular with celebrities for a few decades, as it helps to show a flawless complexion on TV. The celebrities didn’t like the look of their makeup with the hair on their faces. So they had it removed by derma-planing. I used to offer this treatment.

As it is a quick fix to the needs of the client. There are also side effects of this treatment, which is why I stopped. Removing the fine hair and the top layer of skin would create a lovely flawless complexion. And it looked amazing for a special occasion.


But, is it something you could maintain on a regular basis? The hairs on your face are cut close to your skin. Then when it starts to grow back the hair is blunt and feels sharp. This feels like stubble all over your face. Some may like it, but I didn’t like the feel of this. Then there is also the concern of removing the top layer/skin barrier. Without adding anything to protect it. This can lead the skin to be open to any external factors, like bacteria and it has nothing to protect it. This is my personal opinion and the main reason why I don’t do the treatment anymore.

What do I use instead?

What do I use for fine hair removal now? I use a treatment by DMK called the Alkaline Wash. What is the alkaline wash you ask? Well, a chemical peel is where we drop the pH level of the skin, so that the skin hardens and sheds. The alkaline wash is where we increase the pH level, higher than a hair removal cream. It swells the hair shaft as it dissolves the hair. As it enters the hair follicle, it damages and weakens the papilla. This reduces hair growth. This works wonders for the fine hair, but coarse hair is too strong for this treatment. If you have a course of these treatments we can reduce the fine vellus hair, so that it doesn’t grow so fast and long. This course of treatments will not be a complete removal, but it will reduce the hair.

A course of 6 treatments is recommended to start with. To help dissolve the hair and these are done within a 3 month period. As it does affect the top layer of the skin too. There are home care products that must be used at the same time. These mimic the skin’s barrier function. And helps to protect the skin during the course of treatments. Then once the course is done, you can have a treatment done at any time to keep and maintain the look.

results from dmk alkaline wash at positive skin radstock near bath


If you want that smooth, clean look all the time. I would recommend every month or two. If you just want to reduce the look of the hair, then every 4-6 months is absolutely fine. Different clients prefer different looks and timings. For someone with dark fine hair, this is the perfect treatment for maintaining the hair. Without the horrible stubble feel. Or for the blonde hair lady with lots of  ‘peach fuzz’ that wants it to look ‘not so obvious’. Clients that have PCOS have found this a ‘game changer’. Whilst they have electrolysis for the coarse hairs. They have this in between for the long dark never ending fair hairs, that won’t go away!

If you want to see how the alkaline wash works and would like to have a patch test.

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